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4 Ways to Keep your Shellac Manicure Looking Gorgeous!

Shellac has revolutionized manicures around the world! Gone are the days of waiting around for your nails to dry and gone are the days of chipping nails within days! BYE, BYE nail drama. HELLO gorgeous nails for weeks!

With this huge revolution comes a change in the way we care for our nails. If you are getting Shellac nails there are a couple important things you need to know about taking care of your pretty pennies.

  1. Shellac (the brand by CND) recommends a 14 day wear. This means that they are at their best for 2 weeks and any wear past this timing could compromise the health of your nail and the effectiveness of the product.
  2. Picking off Shellac rips off 5-7 layers of your nail! I know it’s crazy to think but it’s true! The layers of your nail are sensitive. The fabulous aspect of the UV light curing the Shellac to your nails rocks but the cure means it’s essentially glued to your nail. Pick that off and you ARE compromising your nails. See your Esthetician for removal.
  3. Filing your nails will BREAK THE SEAL. When your Shellac is applied, your Esthetician will make a point of “sealing” the tip by painting the Shellac on the tips of your nail. Filing the tip will break the seal and encourage peeling. TIP: Ask your Esty to file your nails shorter that normal so you don’t have to file them yourself!  If you must file…apply a coat of clear polish to seal the tip up again.
  4. Give your nails a break! Shellac is not meant for long term wear. Use Shellac as a treat when you are going on holidays, having company or when you want want to feel fabulous. If you are looking for something more permanent consider going with a gel nail for a longer term solution.

Caring for your Shellac manicure is essential in the lastablity of your mani and health of your nails. If you care for your nails you’ll be able to maintain a gorgeous manicure for years to come!

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