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5 Tips for Preventing Ingrown Toenails at Home

Ugh. Ingrown toenails suck. As a sufferer, I know that awful feeling of pulling the sheets up over your toes and feeling that terrible soreness radiating from your toe. OUCH!

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Don’t have time to come in? Here are a couple tips for dealing with those ouchie ingrown nails at home.

  1. Soak your Feet 3-4 Times per Week. Set yourself up with a bin or bucket and soak those pretty pennies. Softening up the skin around your ingrown will help to ease some of the pressure you are feeling. Warm water with some antibacterial soap will do the trick. If you can add a couple drops of Tea Tree oil then go for it. Tea Tree Oil has amazing cleansing benefits.
  2. Keep your Nails ABOVE the Tip of your Toe. I know this is a tough one…especially for someone that loves short nails like me but i can promise you that it will help with that ingrown. Keeping that nail above the toe tip will help to persuade it from growing into that corner.
  3. STUFF IT! What? Yup…I have at times stuffed some cotton under that sore corner to lift it up. Well known as a sure fire trick to combat the ingrown, using an orange wood stick to push a little ball of cotton under your sore nail can really help. It takes a bit of a skill. If you are attempting this yourself feel free to CLICK HERE to email me directly for more support.
  4. Wear Wide Shoes. I love me a gorgeous pointy-toed heel but when it comes to in-growns, i’m not doing them any favours. Keeping your footwear wide in the toe area will give you relief and give it some space to move. This tip is key to avoid pain!
  5. Avoid Digging. I understand the need to get it out. I get it. But from a professional perspective, your aren’t helping anything. Estheticians have tools that can specifically help to get the ingrown out but you don’t likely have them at home. Try your hardest to avoid digging around in there. You risk breaking the nail and making the problem worse. Potentially dealing with infection. Not nice. No picking.

Ingrown toenails take the best of us down. If you can get in for a treatment CLICK HERE, if not, follow my tips and contact me if you need any support.

I’m here for you. I’m here for your toes.