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Avoid Waxing Trauma! Post Wax Tips for all kinds of Waxing

Got questions about how to get the best results after paying someone to wax you? I’ve got your back!

We all want to get the best results and we certainly all want to get what we paid for. Here’s my top 6 Tips on how to make the results last!

Here are my best recommendations for the after care of your waxing.

  1. No creams or oils for the first 24 hours. Your skin is sensitive after a wax whether you see it or not. Applying creams or oils right after your wax may seem like a good idea but it can cause blockages in your skin that could result in further sensitivity and/or ingrown hairs. If you would like to use something after waxing, I recommend pure Tea Tree Oil or Lavender Oil {avoid the eye area}.
  2. No shaving or tweezing. Now that you have decided to start waxing, it’s best that you don’t shave/tweeze. Your hair grows in 3 cycles and it will take 3-4 waxes before we get into a solid cycle where the hair is all growing at the same rate. Shaving/tweezing will disrupt this process and we will never get to a point where we are waxing all the hair that is growing if you decide to shave.
  3. Exfoliate! As your hair grows back some of them will probably want to lay flat on your skin and grown underneath. Exfoliation is your number one defence! Get rid of this dead skin cells 1-2 times per week for smooth, supple skin.
  4. Be patient. Waxing is a process. It does take some time before we start to see consistent results. There will be a time when you will see a reduction in hair and a change in the texture. You will be able to go longer and longer between waxes, but it does take time so stick with it.
  5. Stay on schedule. Because your hair grows in cycles, it’s important to stay on schedule. We can only damage the blood source in one cycle so this is how we start to get those fantastic results you’re looking for 🙂
  6. STAY IN TOUCH. Don’t hesitate to get in touch if you have any questions or are concerned about something after your waxing.

My email address is See you in 4-6 weeks ❤