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Healthy Nails… No Polish?

Part of my practice is HEALTH FIRST. I know it’s controversial, but I build a tone of trust with you because I care about this element of your beauty regimes before anything else. Believe me, I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE me some gorgeous toenails, but I also love having healthy, happy feet!

Since I started my biz 8 years ago I adopted a no-polish policy in the winter. NOW WAIT A SECOND here… you mean no polish on my toes at all? Well… YES! Of course….there are always exceptions to the rules…beach holidays, Christmas and vacations are the perfectly acceptable exceptions. But seriously…why?

You come to me for many reasons, one of them being my knowledge and interest in your health & wellness. As much as I WANT certain things when I go to my Esthetician, I also rely on her to be the expert, therefor I respect her teachings and savvy in the field.

Most nail polishes are alcohol/formaldehyde based. Almost every Esthetician is aware of this and they also know that if you wear your polish continually month after month it will suck the life right out of those healthy nails. Many salons are now making the switch to formaldehyde free formulas but in my experience they aren’t quite as good as the regular formulas. There is nothing wrong with using these polishes in your beauty routine but a break to let your toesies breathe is my best recommendation always. With regular breaks, you can preserve the health of your nails.

Using extreme moisturizing will bump up the health of your nails when they have crossed the line from healthy to dry. In these cases just using stuff you already have at home is JUST FINE! Olive oil, canola, grapeseed oils are all perfectly acceptable for adding moisture. BE REGULAR! Consistency is key so add it into your existing routine for the winter months and when spring hits we’ll be polishing up those healthy, pretties. You’ll have strong nails and your polish will last for weeks!