My why

Esthetics wasn’t my first choice…nope…I tried several other things before eventually landing on this path. I worked at a car rental agency, a chiropractic clinic, our family owned an ice cream store, I started to pursue a career in culinary arts. I have had more than one career.

Esthetics kinda fell into my lap. I wanted a people focused career where I could make a difference. So I went to school to become an Esthetician. Done.

I graduated Esthetics school in 2002 and immediately started working in a busy spa in the west end of Ottawa. I absolutely loved working in the industry and built a loyal following of peeps pretty quickly.

But a couple years after I got into the industry, I started to notice that I was a little different than your average Esty. Ugh. I hate feeling different!

I had a genuine interest in the lives of my peeps {shockingly, this was a not a common quality amongst my co-workers}. I felt attached to their stories, connected to their lives and in some small way a part of it all. My colleagues around me didn’t have the same kind of passion for the people they were serving. Most of them didn’t have a passion for people, period. So my passion was eventually what set me apart from them.

I stayed with the company for 4 years. Became the Director of the Esthetics department and eventually decided that I really wanted to serve my clients…my way! And this is when Manuka Studio was born.

I’m not like the others…

My focus is YOU and YOUR needs.

I love people. I learn from your stories. I hear your pain and empathize. I celebrate your wins with you. I cry for your heartbreaks. I teach you how to go this self-care battle on your own…if that’s what you need.

You will never be another number here.

Health is my focus…

I love me a good nail polish. Man do I love the look of a fresh coat. But I also like to know that what’s happening underneath is ALL GOOD. I want to know if my nails are looking a little funky or if my hair is not quite ready to be ripped out.

Health is the name of my game. I am an education nut and I’m not scared to tell you the truth. Decision is always yours but I will ALWAYS make sure you’ve got the scoop before we move forward.

Beautiful skin, hair and nails all start from the inside out. I’ve got your back.

You get what you pay for…

I’m never going to be the cheapest spot to get your bikini wax or mani/pedi but it will always be the best! I’m not just talking about impeccable service I’m talking about business practices I am proud of.

I use high quality, natural & local products as much as possible. I book lots of time for your services so I can get the job done right. And I take the time to educate you on how to care for your nails, skin & hair at home. That’s why you’ll never get a mani/pedi for $30 at Manuka Studio. #sorrynotsorry

Manuka Studio was born out of a passion for perfect and a need to connect with people.