Pre-Wax Survival Tips - Manuka Private Esthetics Studio, Stittsville, Kanata, Ottawa

Pre-Wax Survival Tips

Wahoooo! You are going to start waxing! Hello freedom and good-bye razors and torture tweezers. Before you come in, there are a couple things you should know…

Here are my top 5 steps to getting ready for your waxing appointment…

  1. Make sure your hair is trimmed.  An Esthetician needs about 1/8 inch of hair growth for a successful waxing.  When your hair is too long it pulls on your skin, prolongs your waxing and feels more painful. Ouch. Totally not worth it. Trim it baby.
  2. Do not apply any creams or oils to your skin for 12 hours prior to your appointment.  Creams and oils create a barrier on your skin and don’t allow the wax to sit on your skin.  Keeping this area free of them will allow the wax to do its job and grab the hair!
  3. Take an Advil.  Some people are sensitive and find that taking a Tylenol or Advil helps with the sting of removing the hair.  If you think it will help you, take it about an hour before your appointment. A stiff drink helps too! **Safety first, no drinking and driving**
  4. Prepare to commit.  Waxing is a process.  When you make the commitment to wax as a part of your beauty regime you will have the best possible results by sticking with it!
  5. RELAX.  The anticipation of the waxing is always much worse than the actual waxing.  Your body will respond much better if you are relaxed and at ease :). I promise I will take care of you!

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