Hair Removal

OUCH. That shit hurts. Most women consider it to be a form of torture BUT don’t worry, I’ve got you covered! At Manuka Studio, I use warm wax with strips to get that hair gone. I will take the time to chat with you about how the process works, before and after care as well as what to expect over the course of our work together.

First time getting waxed? Click here for first wax survival tips!

Brow Shaping Middle, under, top & trim! $20
Upper Lip Say no to stash… goodbye! $15
Chin/Burns Just that. $15
Face Choose 3 features for a baby smoothy face! $35
Underarms Say goodbye to shaving… raise those arms! $15
Full Arm Super softies all the way up. $40
Half Arm Forearms, hands and elbow… oh my! $30
Skinny Bikini Just the sides and baby bit off the top. $30
Biggie Bikini Tight sides + the "undercarriage". $35
Brazilian Take it all or leave a little + the bum. $50
Full Leg Front, back, up & down. $55
Half Leg Tops or bottom…you pick! $30

Here are detailed instructions on how to prepare for your hair removal services.

Hand & Foot Treatments

Manuka Studio specializes in the care and wellness of your hands, feet, skin & body! Treat yourself to a high quality, wellness based hand or foot treatment for relaxation or for a preventative wellness treatment.

Spa Pedicure Nail trim, file, buff, cuticle love (push back & trim), callus care, hydrating sugar scrub, light massage & polish. Complimentary toe/foot waxing included. $55
Rejuvenation Pedicure Includes paraffin wax treatments for deep hydration. $60
Pedicure Polish Change Cutting & filing nails with a change of polish. $25
Ingrown Toenail Treatment OUCH! I don't want you to be in pain. Book this treatment if you suffer from ingrown, sore toe nails. I developed this treatment to alleviate the pain from sore toes. Includes foot soak, pain relief and paraffin treatment. Don't have time to pop in? Click here for pro-tips on how to handle ingrown toe nails at home. $25
Add French Polish $5
Spa Manicure Nail trim, file, buff, cuticle love (push back & trim), light massage & pretty polish. $35
Rejuvenation Manicure Includes paraffin wax treatment for deep hydration. $40
Manicure on the go Cutting & filing nails with a change of polish. $25
Shellac Manicure Say good-bye to chips, smudges, and drying time and say hello to Shellac! This revolutionary product applies like polish, wears flawlessly for 14 days with high gloss shine, and is removed in minutes. Shellac manicures include a full manicure and a strong, cured gel polish.**This service is only offered on hands** $50
Shellac Soak Off Shellac Polish removal, light nail buffing and hydration. $15

All treatments can be combined and customized to make a gift package for you or for a loved one.

Men’s Services

Dude. You need spa love too…don’t feel bad about it! Treat your hard working feet and hands to some MANLY spa love. I’ve got you covered. Don’t think you’re walking into a robe wearing, fluffy music playing, girly spa. I love beer, I can chat about hockey forever and i’m slightly obsessed with Formula One Racing.

Man Scaping/Hair Removal

Guybrows Nothing fancy, just a good clean up. Middle, under, top, trim. $20
Back/shoulders No evidence. All gone and includes the shoulders! $35
Chest Take it all! No prisoners. Shoulders included. $40


Men's Foot Fix Take those feet from funky to fabulous. Includes trim, file, buff, cuticle care (push & trim), heels, hydrating salt scrub, light massage & some man chat. $50
Save your Socks Foot Treatment For the man that needs help but has no time. Includes nail trim & file, buff, callus care & hydrating salt scrub. Cream them up and your out the door. $40